Road grader machine for clearance and maintenance of gravel roads and roads in the forest

Even if some roads are not frequently use they are subjected to wear and regular maintenance is required. Rain, snow and growth of shrubs and bushes cause the roads to be less accessible for use as time is passing. Lack of freezing during the winter season implies that necessary transport of timber leads to deep and dangerous tracks in the roadway. The same occurs if the roads are used during a period of snow and ice melting.
In order to solve this problem in a cheap, simple and easy way, a purpose made road grader or planning machine has been developed. This machine is made from truck tires combined with a steel grader blade device. A tractor is used as a towing vehicle. This machine can be driven rather fast, up to 5-6 km/hour. It turns easily through difficult parts of the roads, over stones and tree roots. The machine is produced in three different models.

The road grader machine is 2.80 meters broad, 1.60 meters long and with a weight of 1300 kg. The grader blade and teeth are made of Hardox 400 steel and this is used where the road surface is hard or full of tree roots.

The road grader machine can be adjusted with the planning/cutting device in an inclined position providing a resulting over height in the middle of the road allowing rain water to flow to the sides without making damage and allows the road surface dries faster.

Preventing damages is often considered to be cheaper than repair. Many people use the roads in the forests and in the mountains for walking, cycling and riding. Therefore regular maintenance of these roads is necessary.

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