Recycling is the heart of Bergma’s corporate culture and our future-oriented managers have decades of experience in this field.

Who We Are?

There’s only one thing that rivals the reliability of our products and that’s the reliability of our team. People focussed on a job well-done and eager to meet our clients’ expectations.

Our Vision

Our commitment to protecting the environment guides everything we do, so we are passionate about putting our expertise to use in recycling automobile tires, our raw materials.

Our Mission

We’ve been green for many years and we focus on innovation and recycling to find sustainable solutions for tomorrow. As a result, we now offer a completely ecological service.



We have the most beautiful forests in Poland which are the object of envy of the whole Europe. We need to tack care of it and protect thousands of kilometers of forest roads. Currently, a large percentage of these roads become overgrown with vegetation, become neglected and impassable. T.D. Bergma has created an innovative system which is a great solution which in the cheap and efficient way can help to keep forest roads in good and aesthetic condition.


Bergma blasting mats should always be used to cover the blasting site in order to protect the surroundings against damage from flying rocks. Balsting mats are produced of the most wear resistant parts of recycled truck tyres which are bound thightly together with galvanized steel wires. These heavy rubber mats can be used over and over again.


Many constructions sites along roads are giving too high risk for the workers bercause of the short distance from the traffic and the high speed. Road maintenance and construction sites are also giving collision risk for the ordinary traffic. The Bergma traffic buffers should be placed at an appropriate distance before the working area in order to stop the cars softly without any injuries or damage on the working site and with small consequences for drivers and passengers.


Truck tires Sidewalls have been used for many years on silage pits in America, Denmark, France, Germany and Scandinavia. Truck tire Sidewall are clean and dry, all have same sizes and they are very easy to handle. They can be used for a lifetime, 30-40 years. They are the cheapest and most effective solution for covering silos.

What We Offer

Bergma is always ready to meet the urgent needs of its clients immediately because it always has a vast stock of its popular products, in other words, the ones most requested, on hand:


Take advantage of our first-class turnkey service. Not only do we produce the blasting mats you need, but we also produce flatteners, traffic buffers, etc. We take care of the transportation and deliver your order to the address and on the day YOU choose, anywhere in the world!


Our equipment enables us to produce blasting mats, flatteners and traffic buffers to your particular specifications.

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